Frequently Asked Questions

Remodeling Contractors

We evaluate scope, clarify materials to be used and estimate time to complete.


That depends on the size and complexity of your project.

First off we complete a due dillegence that minimizes opportunity for unforseens. Then if they do arrise we evaluate the circumstances to consult with the customer and propose solutions to minimize negative impacts.

Regular observations and quality assesment. Hire competent qualified people to do the work.

Kitchen Remodeling

We use all types of materials for Kitchen Remodeling.

Yes, we install new appliances during the Remodeling.

Depends on the scope and complexity. one kitchen may take a few weeks another could take two months.

Budgets are taylored to projects.

Quality products that are resilient and last.

Bathroom Remodeling

Can you use the existing layout or is there disfunction that needs correction. Complete fixture and finishes selections.

Depends on how well it's mantained and the durabilityy of the finishes. Many owners like to create taylored spaces when buying a home. Bathrooms are a good place to express themselves.

Size and scope dependent.

In most all cases yes.

Window Installation and Replacement

Old windows can have heat loss as well as cold air and noise intrusion.

Evaluate what you already have and review replacement options that best suite the circumstances of function and design.

Relocate furniture and remove window coverings if possible. We often assist with these for a fee.

You do not. Once the site is accessable you can leave us to it.

Siding Installation

Absolutely not. It will likely need to be painted after the new siding is installed.

Depends on scope and materials selections.

Depends on the reasoning for replacement and the extent of damaged material if thats the case.

Yes it can. We recomend a consultation for recomendations.