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What You Need to Know About ADUs?

Did you know that an Accessory Dwellings Unit (ADU) can tremendously increase the value of your home and offer an additional source of rental income?

At American Remodelers, we take pride in our work and the beautiful ADU's we’ve created in the bay area. A reputable company you can count on, we are here to bring your project to life!

Outdoor Space

Use an ADU for Income

An Accessory Dwelling Unit can provide an extra source of income for homeowners. Air BNB has proved to be a real opportunity or simply find a longer-term Tennant. They can also provide separate spaces in a multi-generational home. Whether it’s bringing aging family members closer for love and care or providing new space for older children or siblings back into a home environment during unsettled times. These structures are an affordable option since they don't require paying for land or any major new infrastructure. Not to mention, they can offer as much living space as other newly built condos and apartments.

The opportunity for extra income is endless because ADUs are well suited for all walks of life (small families, couples, seniors, and young people). Speak with an American Remodelers expert to explore your options!

Is an Accessory Dwelling Unit Right for Me?

An ADU is a secondary dwelling unit that offers an independent way of life for an individual or family. They're innovative and affordable ways to increase the value of your home. Other names given to ADUs include:

Granny Flat Icon
Granny flat
In-Law Unit Icon
In-law unit
Pool House
Pool house
Mother-in-law Icon
Mother-in-law Apartment
Guest House Icon

ADUs have become a solution to increasing the number of affordable housing for residents, making it a win-win for both homeowners and tenants.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Plans

At American Remodelers, we offer turnkey solutions for any project. After your initial consultation, we'll start the building plans. Keeping you up to date with its progress from start to finish, you can expect nothing less than quality work from our company.

Top Uses for an ADU

There are several reasons you may be thinking of adding a granny flat to your property. Here are a few:

  1. Home for an Elderly Relative
    If you have a parent or grandparent who refuses to live in a nursing home, an ADU is a perfect solution. This gives them a safe home while offering an independent living space. Not to mention, this option is a lot more affordable and humane when compared to an assisted living home. Many Seniors have found themselves isolated and alone during the quarantine. An ADU is an excellent way to ensure the safety and inclusion of all the generations of a family.
  2. Long-Term Rental Income
    With an ADU, you’ll be able to make some extra income leasing your space to long-term renters. You can do this on a monthly or yearly basis. You’ll base your income on the ADU size, location, features, and amenities. To ensure the home is up to your liking, get in touch with one of our designers today.
  3. Short-Term Rental Income
    Another fantastic use for an ADU is a short-term rental. It’s easy to market your rental property through companies like Airbnb, HomeAway, or Vrbo. Usually, your guests will be tourists who want to experience California living first hand!

ADU Home Plans

Ready to talk about an ADU? Want to know what’s possible for you? Our team of professionals is ready to work with you. We'll begin with a consultation for your property that covers everything from building permit regulations to standard equipment and features.

We've worked on Accessory Dwelling Units as small as 250 sq ft to larger two-bedroom units with all the amenities of a home. Looking to build a mini home, suite, or villa? Get in touch with American Remodelers to discuss your plans today.

Depending on the features and city you live in, an attached granny flat may cost around $80,000, while detached units can easily cost more than $300,000 to build. Either way, it’s an extremely economical alternative to moving to a larger home given housing prices in the area


ADU Standard Equipment & Features

Standard Equipment & FeaturesWe are confident that at American Remodelers, we'll offer you the features and amenities that you need. Our trustworthy team has everything covered from the general and exterior features, to bathroom and kitchen design.

Envision a stunning exterior with a concrete slab foundation, composition roof, and fiber cement lap siding. What if your kitchen had raised panel cabinets and laminated countertops? Do you have plans for an ensuite bathroom on your property? All of this and a lot more is possible with American Remodelers.

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