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Why Hire American Remodelers for Your Prefab Room Addition?

Short answer? Transparency. Our focus is to make your home and room remodeling simple and easy.

The focus of American Remodelers is on you. While many general contracting companies concentrate on separating themselves from the rest, our emphasis is what you, the customer, wants. We hear you, and we want to make your vision come to life.

How Does Our Room Addition Team Work?

Our employees and subcontractors work together to understand the scope of each project. While working for you, we are one team with one goal: to serve you and to deliver the project on time and budget. Our systems standardize and simplify every aspect of any remodeling project.

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Our Remodeling Services

We offer a range of home addition services and are experts in room remodeling.
Our services include:

Bathroom Kitchen Icon
Kitchen and Bath Remodel
Bedroom Icon
Master Bedroom Addition
Window Replacement Icon
New Window Installation
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Outdoor Space Improvements
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Kids Room
Kids Room

But we don't hold back from any job. As an expert room addition contractor, there isn't a job we won't come and inspect for potential accomplishment. With honesty and transparency, we'll work with you to accurately survey the situation before beginning. We know communication is vital with any remodel.

Additional Home Remodeling Services

Even if you're not thinking about a full remodel and you want to knock down that kitchen dividing wall, we're ready to help. We'll assess the job, ensure the safety of the project, and work on a timeline of completion to present to you.

If you want to combine two smaller rooms in your home as a family room or media room, we're your experts. You chose your home for its potential. We'll make it your ultimate getaway.

Or perhaps you've inherited your family home and want to make it your own. No matter if it's a dining room remodel or a living room remodel, we'll work with you to give a modern twist to it while leaving its personal history intact.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Excellent customer service and 100% customer satisfaction from beginning to project completion is our commitment to you. We know your home is your castle - not just for you, but your family. We also understand that this is one of, if not, your most significant investment. We respect and treat your home like ours, never forgetting you are the reason we are in business.

Through clarity, trust, and cooperation, we'll work with you to achieve your dream property. Through these values, we hope to have a hand in transforming the residential remodeling industry.

Your Home or Office Can Look Better With Remodel

Hire Us to Show You How Good It Can Get!

Serving Locally

Being local means knowing the community and knowing how our cities and towns work. Whether it's basic knowledge, understanding materials performance, inspection requirements, or even microclimate weather patterns we bring local experience to your project. We're proud to be local!


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Remodeling Contractors FAQs

We evaluate scope, clarify materials to be used and estimate time to complete.

That depends on the size nd complexity of your project.

First off, we complete due diligence that minimizes the opportunity for unforeseen. Then if they do arise we evaluate the circumstances to consult with the customer and propose solutions to minimize negative impacts.

Regular observations and quality assesment. Hire competent qualified people to do the work.

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We'd love to get started on your remodel. Contact us today toll-free at (650) 307-3221 or email us at We're excited to hear from you!

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